Lead Generation

Mobile Leads MarketingStart capturing leads for potential clients by setting up a keyword campaign with Text To Sell.

You can easily capture a prospects contact by advertising

Text “FREETRIAL” (your keyword) to 76000 For Your Free Trial

For a free trial you may be offerring in your business.

Some great ways this can be used:

  • Your restaurant may offer a free appetizer on their next visit.
  • If you run a clinic, such as a massage therapist may offer a buy 1 get 1 free massage.
  • A clothing store may offer 10% off their next purchase.
  • An automotive store may offer a discount on their next service.

Can you imagine other ways that you could capture leads of potential customers?

Once a prospective customer of your business texts your keyword for any of your offers, they will automatically be inserted into your database for potential future marketing.

Start Getting More Customers Now By;

  1. Adding the text keyword or QR code
    • to all your print and web advertisements.
    • to your signature in all your emails
    • on your business cards to get a free trial
    • in Radio or TV Ads
  1. Creating a Sign Up page on your website (link to feature)
  2. Creating a Sign Up page on your Facebook Fan Page (link to feature)