Lead Generation

Every business owner knows more leads=more sales.  This is why Text To Sell Mobile Marketing has made it so easy for you to start capturing qualified leads with our easy to use campaigns.

Once you have obtained these leads there is a 97% chance these prospects will receive and read your marketing message.

Mobile Broadcasts

Sending a broadcast text message to all your customers and prospects can be setup in as little as 5 minutes.  95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes of receiving them.  This means that you can instantly make an impact on the decision your customers and prospects are making.

Appointment/Reservation Reminder

Your customers will never miss another appointment with you again.  Our Appointment reminder feature allows you to schedule a text message to be sent automatically to remind your customer of a date and time they are schedule to meet with your business.

Mobile Coupons

A flyer or a coupon in a magazine doesn’t get your targeted prospect/customer.  But 90% of text messages instantly get to your client.  Stop spending time and money on printed coupons and start using our software to generate trackable mobile coupons to send to your customers.

Bar Code/QR Code Creator

QR Codes are the latest trend in marketing today.  These square like bar codes can be scanned by smart phones and once scanned they are brought to any url of your choice or it could create a message composition of your mobile keyword to your shortcode.  This gives your customers and prospects an even easier way to join your distribution list.

Customer Survey/Feedback

Looking for feedback about your business?  Look no further.  With our Mobile Voting feature you can easily get valuable feedback from all your customers with an easy to setup campaign.

Social Media Tools

Looking to reach 700 million people?  We have the tools to integrate your mobile marketing campaign with Facebook- the world wide leader in social media.